hm striped cest la vie mon cherie pyjamas

The pyjamas I’m loving and why I constantly need more

hm striped cest la vie mon cherie pyjamas

I like to spend 90% of my life in bed. It is therefore not surprising that I like to spend 90% of my life in my pyjamas. And thus, not surprising that I also have a larger than average pyjama collection.

As a matter of fact, I feel quite strongly about nightwear. Seeing people in old t-shirts and tracksuit bottoms gives me a small stabbing pain in my heart. I see sleep as a sort of luxury and therefore believe that I should dress up for my sleep. I bloody deserve it.

hm striped cest la vie mon cherie pyjamas

My selection of nightwear varies. From oversized shirt dresses, like this H&M number, to silky leopard print suits from Victoria’s Secret, I’ve got most bases covered. And, although there is nothing I love more than looking fierce as hell when I climb into bed and prepare myself for a night of snoring, snorting and spluttering, I do also appreciate that jammies should be comfortable.

hm striped give me a break pyjamas

At the mo, H&M seem to have it down. Both of the above numbers are H&M. Both pastel, both striped and both with lil embroidered slogans – almost like they were made for me. And, although they are cute as hell, they just don’t cut it for this slumber queen.

desmond and dempsey zodiac robe

desmond and dempsey house coat

Take my monogrammed Desmond & Dempsey house coat, for example. Here, I take extra to a whole new level. I didn’t even know what a house coat was until I got this. Previously I was much more of a baked beans down my dressing gown kinda gal, but now it seems I’m a house coat woman – feeling more Carrie Bradshaw than Sonia from Eastenders (but probs still looking like Sonia let’s face it). Another snippet of luxury comes in the form of my Slip Silk Eye Mask. Totally unnecessary but loved nonetheless. I don’t, nor have I ever, had a problem with sleeping (other than not knowing how to stop). In fact, when I wear this eye mask I usually wake up either gagged or suffocated.

But I love it. It’s boujee AF and I’ll continue wearing it forever more and continue feeling like a damn queen when I wake up in the morning. The reality is that I love pyjamas because they really make me feel like I have my life in order. If I can look THIS damn good when I’m sleeping and dribbling, then surely I’m winning at life? Summer inspo below.

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