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I don’t speak French but I do speak slogan tees


french slogan teesI have a serious addiction to slogan tees. Let me explain…

This morning I opened up my wardrobe and realised that the one thing I have been trying to convince myself out of is all too true: I am addicted to French slogan tees.

Naked and lost (as we all are first thing when trying to decide on our attire), I realised that my ‘what to wear’ dilemma has evolved in recent weeks. No longer do I hunch like Gollum on the edge of my bed staring into the empty vessel that is my wardrobe wondering whether it’s jumper or cami weather. Oh, no no.

t-shirt flatlay

Instead, I throw the doors open to a soundtrack of Chaka Khan and ponder what it is I want my outfit to say. What my slogan ‘du jour’ will be.  Starting with ‘bonjour’ and ending with ‘au revoir’ (because I may be an addict but I still need some sort of order to my wardrobe), I flit through my options and weigh up if I’m feeling exceptionally ‘Parisienne’ or overwhelmingly ‘comme ci comme ça’. An addiction, it seems, I have.

However, this addiction seems to have bettered me as a person. One (already outlined) is that I have become more Chaka and less Gollum. Another, is that I have picked up some French. I recently discovered that my offensively yellow t-shirt that reads ‘Bonne journee’ in fact means ‘have a good day’ and not ‘good journey’. A little relieved but altogether unfazed, I realised that I didn’t care what my t-shirt said as long as it was in French.

pop and suki

Lastly, the most prominent benefit of my new found obsession is that, quite frankly, I look great. They’re cutesy and kitsch but undeniably easy to wear with a way of making the wearer look unexplainably chic. Honestly, I have a t-shirt says so. Whether you want to throw yours on with jeans or team it with smart trousers and a blazer, the main appeal is that the French slogan t-shirt literally goes with anything and everything. From weekend pub trips to a bog standard day at the office, I’m happy to wear mine whenever, wherever.

french slogan t-shirt

And where to find the best? Let’s say, if a French slogan tee has become my new LBD, then & other stories and Whistles are my Givenchy. However, for a lower price point (because I need one) New Look are offering some fab-u-lous options. From high end to high street, everyone wants a slice of the French tee pie.

To save you the hassle of having to trawl the internet to find the perfect tee (or ten), I’ve rounded up a few of my faves below. Let me know what you think!

T-shirt, New Look; jeans, Levi; bag, Pop & Suki; bronzer, Guerlain; earrings, Topshop (sold out); foundation, Laura Mercier

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