topshop basket bag

‘Basket’ bags are having a well-deserved moment

topshop basket bag

If I had to choose between bags and shoes, it’s bags all the way. I’m a self-confessed bag girl and there’s no changing that. A pair of shoes will break your heart. White trainers? One wear and they’re covered in gunk. Heart broken. Pristine new stilettos? One stumble and the heels go. Heart broken. A handbag, on the other hand, will never break your heart. It’s a lifelong friend.

outfit flatlay woven bag

This season, basket bags are everywhere. Straw, leather or suede, if a bag even slightly resembles a basket, I want it. My current fave is this shopper from Topshop. The slouchy shape makes it the perfect add-on for sprucing up any outfit. Lightweight and easy to fold, it’s also perfect for any upcoming summer hols (of which I’m yet to book). The best bit is the price. At under £25, if I had to work out cost per wear I’d be looking at pennies.

topshop woven bag

Naturally, I’ve collated quite the basket/woven bag wish list and thought it might be nice to share it with you. If there’s any you think I’ve missed, please do let me know. Similarly, if anyone has any advice on storage solutions for 50+ handbags, feel free to share.

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