april beauty favourites

April favourites

april beauty favourites

So, it’s actually nearly May. It feels like November. The good news is that the end of April brings with it my very first monthly favourites post. These posts will include little mini reviews of everything that I have been loving this month. This April, it seems that all of my favourites are beauty favourites. Honestly, I think it’s because I’ve been so stuck for time that I’ve had very few minutes to indulge in anything that isn’t an attempt to make my face look semi-acceptable and like I’ve had more than five hours sleep. So, with that being said, let’s get into it. First up, makeup…

ysl Touche Éclat All-in-One Glow Foundation

The Touche Éclat All-in-One Glow Foundation from YSL is probably my most-used base of the moment. It’s water-based (so seriously moisturising), lightweight but still buildable, and just gives the most incredible glow. Because my skin is on the oilier side, it does tend to slip around a little so I wouldn’t choose this one for a long night out, however, it is the perfect base for upcoming warmer days.

younique Moodstuck Addiction Shadow eye palette

younique Moodstuck Addiction Shadow eye palette

OK so this one is a little bit different. You may not have heard of Younique before (I know that I hadn’t) but this Moodstuck Addiction Shadow eye palette has totally won me over. Buttery, blendable and with pigment like you’ve never seen, whenever I wear this, someone compliments my eyes. And that literally never happens. While I’m more drawn towards the brown shades, I have given the blues a go a couple of times, and with a light dusting of ‘Secretive’ along the lower lash-line, I feel like I’m onto something.

Shiseido Synchro Skin Illuminator

I’d say these babies are my most asked about makeup products of late. Technically speaking the Shiseido Synchro Skin Illuminator is just that, an illuminator, but, my word, it’s actually so much more! This product is a total game-changer. In fact, I feel a bit bad for including this in my April favourites because I’ve actually been obsessed for months now. Lightly tapped along the high points of the face, this formula provides glow for ladies that aren’t into that full-on strobed highlight look (me). If you don’t think that this gives you a J-Lo glow, I don’t know what will.
bareMinerals Gen Nude Powder Blush
I am not a blusher girl. I like bronzer and a lot of it. However, the introduction of the bareMinerals Gen Nude Powder Blush in Pretty In Pink into my life a few months ago got me confused. First thing, it isn’t as scary as it looks. This pink actually creates nothing more and nothing less than a warm flush across the apples of my cheeks that just seems to make my face a little more natural looking. Second thing, it is totally wearable with bronzer. No risk of looking overdone. I’ll probably pack it away come winter as I really do think it works best with bronzer but, for now, I’m allllll over it.
Laura Mercier Velour Extreme Matte Lipsticks
Laura Mercier Velour Extreme Matte Lipsticks
Laura Mercier Velour Extreme Matte Lipsticks
Laura Mercier Velour Extreme Matte Lipsticks
Again, not a new-new launch but definitely something I have been loving this April. The Laura Mercier Velour Extreme Matte Lipsticks are probably the easiest lipsticks I’ve used in a really long time. They’re long, wind-up and have little sharpeners on the end so that you can keep application as precise as can be. The stand out shades for me are these two: Fire and Vibe. Vibe is almost exactly the same colour as my natural lips but just makes them look so much bigger and healthier, and Fire, well, it’s the perfect matte red. Other than red (which in my book should usually be shine-free), I’ve never been much of a matte lip lover, but these have totally swayed me.
barry m nail paint
Now this one is definitely not new. In fact, it’s a classic. This Barry M Classic Nail Paint in Cashmere has barely left my nails, and I don’t plan on removing it anytime soon. It’s feminine and subtle and, most importantly, it makes your hands look SO much more tanned than they really are. Honestly, try it.
april skincare favourites
aveeno dermexa

Now onto skincare bits… I suffer with eczema. It’s gross. I hate it. It exists. Mostly, it flares up in times on stress (of which I have had many this month), and nothing that I have ever been recommended really works. It doesn’t matter what cream or treatment I try, I’ve more or less convinced myself that any kind of moisture actually just irritates it more. When I was told about the new Dermexa range from Aveeno</a style=”text-align: justify;”> I couldn’t wait to try it. It’s scentless, nourishing and super affordable. And, while it won’t cure my eczema, it has definitely made the process of moisturising a lot less of a chore and a lot less irritating!

shiseido essential energy

I love a moisturiser and that is no secret. But, just because I love them doesn’t mean I’m not fussy. I hate thick creams that feel like they’re suffocating my skin, and I hate anything that takes ages to sink in. Enter, the new(ish) Shiseido Essential Energy Moisturizing Cream. I apply a thin layer morning and night and let it work its magic. Instantly, skin looks refreshed, plumped and reenergised. And the best bit? My foundation applies like a dream afterwards.

la roche posay cicaplast

My lips get dry. Like disgustingly dry. Honestly with my eczema combined with these lips, it’s a wonder I have a boyfriend. I’m gross. Despite this, I’m a lip balm addict. Some might argue that these things play hand-in-hand and they’re not wrong. This month I discovered that I might be doing my lips more harm than good, so I did a little digging. Quickly I discovered the La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Levres Baume. While it hasn’t totally cured my lips of dryness, I’ve never had them this soft. In fact, this is my third tube.

true north mask

I briefly touched on the True North De-Stressed Face Mask in my mask round-up, but it totally deserves a spot here too. I was first introduced to True North back in March, and I’ve become a little bit obsessed. It’s a Scandi brand (which had me sold straight away) that champions the idea of simple, yet effective, science-led skincare. Founded by Jan Behrens, a Danish Medical Research Specialist, everything in the lineup just seems to  work.  And with minimal fuss. Cooling, soothing and indulgent, this face mask does just what it promises.

dr haushka eye revive

Not new but new to me, Dr Hauschka Eye Revive has seen me through recent late nights and early mornings. I honestly can’t believe I’ve gone so long without it. Little ampules of solution containing a concoction of fennel, chamomile and black tea to brighten and revitalise the eye area are packaged alongside a box of cotton pads. Simply empty one of the ampules onto a cotton pad, split it in two and apply one to each eye. After 10 minutes, I feel like a new woman.

I only have one hair favourite this month and it’s the Living Proof Full Dry Volume Blast. You’ve probably seen it and heard about it but let me lay this down: I hate hair product. I hate the feeling of something weighing my hair down and making it look more limp than it already is. This stuff, however, is revolutionary. It’s powered by ETAs, Living Proof’s very own volumising molecules, which give almost weightless volume and texture to your tresses. Shake it, spray it to various sections, and then work it in. It’s almost like hairspray without the crunch.

chloe nomade

Last up is fragrance. I’m a Chloé girl through and through when it comes to my perfumes and their latest launch has me heart-eyed. Chloé Nomade smells just as good as it looks. I have seen lots of people describe this as a heavy evening scent but I couldn’t disagree more. It’s slightly heavier, yes, but not heavy in an evening kind of way. With oak moss, cherry plum and freesia, it has that air of freshness about it that you’ll only find in a Chloé perfume. Basically, I’m showering in the stuff.

And that’s that! My April favourites. I’m actually super excited for what is to come in May. I’ve got a painfully busy month, and I’m both excited and insanely anxious for what lies ahead. If you’ve got any recommendations for me based on what you’ve read above, please do drop a comment to let me know. Thanks for reading and I hope you guys had as lovely an April as I did!

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